(Nominations close 30 March 2021)
It was Aristotle, some 2400 years ago who first said “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”.  The Rotary Club of Armadale is launching a Pride of Workmanship Award programme, which provides an ideal medium for organisations to acknowledge and thank worthy employees for this habit of excellence.
President Laurie Scidone said “The programme will allow organisations to promote the Pride of Workmanship theme, to ‘Do it once - do it well’ throughout their team and to nominate employees worthy of recognition, not only within the organisation, but the wider community”.
The Award programme is being coordinated by Club Secretary Gail Sampson. “Pride of workmanship”, Gail says, “is not a competition. It is a recognition of individual achievement and commitment.  The award is intended to cover all aspects of work performance and ethics, inclusive of quality and quantity of output, safety, initiative and a sense of responsibility”.
The programme will run for seven weeks in which employers will be encouraged to nominate an employee whom they consider worthy of being recognised for their commitment to taking real pride in performing their duties with excellence.  Employers are encouraged to seek further information from the Rotary Club of Armadale website www.rotaryarmadale.org    with nominations closing 30 March 2021.
A panel chaired by President Laurie Scidone will select up to five recipients, who will receive their Pride of Workmanship recognition at a gala dinner on 13 April 2021.
There is no cost to submit a nomination, but each local business which nominates the successful nominees will be invited to have a a senior manager/proprietor attend the gala dinner at their cost.  There will be no charge for the awardees to attend. 
NONIMATION FORM can be downloaded here: PDF: Pride of Workmanship Nomination Form  Word: Pride of Workmanship Nomination Form
GUIDELINES:  Click here to download a PDF of the Pride of Workmanship Guidelines: POW Guidelines